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Why A Giraffe?

Giraffes represent grace, beauty, love, joy, wealth and gentleness but also strength and power. Family is vital and friendships are formed for life. They stand tall with balance, feet firmly on the ground, reaching upward and looking forward to the future.

Find Out More

Find Out More

16 Unique Backgrounds

A rainbow of colors from Solids to Gradients, and even a Polka Dot. Don’t fret, there is a color (or colors) you will fall in love with.

16 Different Furs

Aliens, Reptiles, and Zombies (yes Zombies) will unite with the others to become the most epic set of furs on a giraffe that you have ever seen.

Meet the OGs

The OGs have been in Gary Club for a while and are the first to adopt a Giraffe and join the Tower. They stand tall, stick together and have become the foundation the community can count on to remain grounded and for the balance needed to accomplish our goals.




A 24/7 vibrant community of creators that spread the globe with one common goal. To make money.

Tower Talks

Tower Talks bring you the coolest, most creative, entertaining experiences you have ever seen or heard and they are exclusive for Giraffe Tower Owners.

Giveaways and Prizes

Everyone loves a giveaway or a prize! We do weekly giveaways in discord including a weekly giraffe for the first 52 weeks.

Official Merchandise

Swag for everyone! Our designers are working hard on some really cool merch.

Collaborations & Partnerships

Cool creators, brands and other collabs are coming. The only way you get access is by keeping your Giraffe in the Tower.

Companion VX Avatar

We are building in the metaverse and you will want an avatar. No problem, you will be able to grab a cool creator VX avatar.

Breeding to make Baby Giraffes

Our ecosystem will grow through the breeding of adult giraffes to make baby giraffes! Our mechanics are savvy and no staking is required.


We will establish a community DAO to vote on the biggest community decisions.

$GLEAF Utility Token

$GLEAF is used to make babies, buy your VX avatar and much more. $GLEAF has an infinite supply and is not an investment vehicle.

Metaverse Experience

We are building a virtual environment in the metaverse that will include performance stages, event space and plenty of space to just chill and vibe.

The Library

Our private Giraffe Tower learning center. Visit the library to learn a new skill or take a new training.


Surprises are around every corner! Can’t give you any other info as that would ruin the surprise. But they will make you stay around and you will never want to leave.


New to NFTs? No worries, here are some steps on what you need to do to get your Giraffe Tower NFT

  • 1. Download the extension on your browser
  • 2. Purchase Ethereum from various exchanges, such as Coinbase or Binance
  • 3. Send Ethereum from this exchange to your MetaMask wallet
  • 4. When it is time to mint, open the Giraffe Tower website and select the number of NFTs you wish to purchase
  • 5. Click "Adopt" button, Metamask will popup asking for connection
  • 6. Confirm the transaction and any associated fees
  • 7. Once you have made your purchase, your NFTs will appear in your wallet and on OpenSea.
Open adoptions start on 01/20 at 12:00 AM UTC. For more details please visit our Discord server.
A total of 10,000 unique Giraffe Tower NFTs will be created.
FREE + gas fees Between 20th - 21st January 2022. 0.05 ETH From January 22 onward.
Presale has ended.
Head to our Discord channel to learn more and ask any questions.